Need to access your office computer from home?
Need to access your computer from somewhere else?
Remote access is a great convenience for many people. While some businesses need a more advanced VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution, many small business owners are discovering affordable and easy to use remote access solutions like GoToMyPC.

There are several different options available, but the most reliable and easiest to use is a $15/month GoToMyPC account. There are others that are a little less expensive, but GoToMyPC is the easiest to use and most people prefer it.
GoToMyPC - Access  Your PC From Anywhere

Here's how it works:

You signup for a GoToMyPC account (see link above) by giving them your email address and creating an account password . Then you will be instructed to install the GoToMyPC desktop software on your computer and create a computer password.

Leave you computer turned on and connected to the internet.

Then from any other computer that is connected to the internet, you can go to the GoToMyPC web site, sign in using your email address and account password.
You be connected to your office computer and asked for the computer password. After that you will be able to see your computer's screen back at your office. The screen, keyboard and mouse that you are sitting in front of become the screen, monitor and mouse of your computer back in your office.

It's important to understand that you must have a fast internet connection (DSL, Cable, T1) and that your computer in the office is turned on. While you are "remote controlling" your PC, someone else in the office can't use the computer to do something else.

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