If you run WindowsXP, you should be keeping all your important files in your My Documents folder.
You should also make a backup copy of My Documents on a regular basis.

If have WindowsXP and an External Hard Drive, or USB Flash Drive, it's not hard to copy these files . Like anything with computers there are several different ways to do the same thing.

Here is one method:

Click on Start and then My Documents

To select and copy all the files and folders in My Documents, click on Edit > Select All and all the files/folders should turn blue to indicate they have been selected. Then then click on Edit > Copy

Then click on Start and then My Computer and then go to your external hard drive, or USB flash drive, and click on Edit > Paste to start copying the files and fodlers to your external hard drive.

Depending on the amount and size of files you have in My Documents, it may take several minutes or several hours to copy all the files.

Watch the process from time to time. If older copies of those files/folders exist on your external hard drive, it may tell you and ask if you want to copy them anyways.
If you have too many files/fodler in My Documents and your external harddrive or USB Flash drive is too small to hold all of then, you'll have to either select fewer files to copy, or better yet, buy a larger external hard drive or USB flash drive. Hardware is inexpensive compared to the value of your files.

When the copy has completely, take the time to look through the files and folders on your external drive for completeness. Pay particular attention to any newer files/folders that you may have created to ensure they were copied to the external hard drive. Then unplug your external hard drive and store it in a safe place.

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