Here are some diagrams that may be helpful.

Diagram Description

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Windows Workgroup vs Windows Domain,
Peer-to-Peer vs Client-Server Network

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Remote Access Solutions

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POP3 email VS Exchange

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DMZ / Intranet

A DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) is one method to keep your internal servers completely secure from the Internet, but at the same time provide access to some servers to specific people on the internet.

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Email Address Forwarding

Email Address Forwarding is different than an Email Address Box.

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Exchange Distribution Lists

Hosted Exchange Distribution Lists are different from Group Lists in your Address book.

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Mail Merge

If you need to send an letter to 50 people, you can either copy it 50 times, or create one template document and merge it with a list of people. This concept works for letters you send, as well as many other computer tasks.

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