If your computer isn't working properly or you suspect it's infected, we can help. But before we start, we want to help you understand what can be done, and what you can do yourself to save money.

We hate to have to see clients spend money to fix a computer that have been infected. We would rather help you prevent problems instead of fixing problems. But if your PC isn't working properly right now, we can certainly help fix it. Keep in mind that it could be time consuming and costly, so before you spend any money fixing a computer, we want to help you make sure it is worth it.

Here are two question you need to ask yourself:

1 - Do you have data on this computer that needs to be recovered?

2 - Is the computer worth fixing?

If the computer is more than 3 years old it may be a wiser investment to buy a new one rather than spend money fixing an old computer. Regardless of the age of the computer, there are ways that we can retrieve data from an old computer without going to the expense of actually fixing it.

Also there are some things that you may be able to do yourself. Click here for more information.

If you need use to help recover data or restore a PC we are more than glad to help you with that. We are also able to help you if you want to do some or all of it yourself. Whatever is better for you.

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