QuickBooks Problems? Can't open database?

Recent versions of QuickBooks Pro™ have become more sophisicated in the way it stores your Company file(s) in it's database(s) on the server. While it may seem simpler to setup, troubleshooting problems can be trickier.

If you are running QuickBooks on your computer and are unable to open your Company file (database) on your server, try the following steps:

Make sure the QuickBooks Database Manger is running on the Server.
On the server perform the following steps.

1 - Make sure the QuickBooks Database Manager icon is running in the System Tray in the lower right hand corner of the server's screen. Click the icon to open up the program.
If you don't see the icon, click START > All Programs > Quick Books > QuickBooks Database Manager

2 - Click on [Add Folder] button and browse to the folder on the Server that contains your QuickBooks .QBW database files. They are usually in D:\QuickBooksData

3 - Make sure the folder is seen in this window.

4 - Click on [Scan] button.

5 - Make sure the file(s) are seen in this window.
6 - Minimize, don't close, this program

Make sure the Computer can access the Server.
On the computer, click on My Computer and look for the mapped drive, usually the Q: Drive, that points to the QuickBooksData folder on the Server.

Open up that folder and make sure that you can see the .QBW database file(s).

Close that window and open up QuickBooks and try to open the Company file (database).

If you still can't open the Company file (database) continue with the next step.

Make sure no other computers are trying to Host your QuickBooks database(s).
Only the Server should be hosting, or sharing, the database(s). It's possible that one of the other computers in your office is also trying to share the database(s) which will cause problems.

On each computer, run QuickBooks and go to File, Hosting and make sure that Hosting is turned off. ....... MORE ON THIS COMING SOON.

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