We are always here to help you when you have a problem, but in some cases you might prefer to call Hewlett-Packard or Dell yourself for warranty support.

Here are some hints for calling them:

  • Get the serial number from the device, which will be on a small sticker. HP calls it a "Serial Number" and Dell calls it a "Service Tag". In most cases, there will be an additional sticker on the front of a server with larger characters for easier reading.

  • Call the appropriate number listed on the previous page

  • Be prepared to go through an auto-attendant menu to get to the right department: Servers, Workstations, Desktop computers, Notebook computers, Printers, etc.

  • Provide the serial number of the product and they should be able to identify the device model for you to confirm.

  • Most servers, as well as business-class workstations, desktop and notebook computers, have a 3-year warranty. We usually extend the period to 5 years on most servers and some computers.

  • Provide a description of the problem and they will either try to solve the problem or pass you onto someone who can.

  • Be prepared to spend some time helping them determine what is wrong and what parts need replacing. They will ask you to perform some preliminary troubleshooting and tests. They might ask you to unplug cables, press buttons, or check status lights, etc.

  • At some point you might feel that they are asking you to do more than you're comfortable doing, and you can simply tell them that you are not comfortable opening it up, or removing any pieces inside the computer. Their job is to make sure they've exhausted all the steps necessary to determine the cause so they will only send the right parts for repair. Eventually they will be satisfied and will send a technician with the parts.

  • To speed the repair, they might ask you if you're comfortable replacing the part yourself. They might offer to ship the part to you overnight and have you replace it yourself, or with help over the phone. If you're comfortable doing this, it could possibly speed up the repair, but you certainly don't have to if you don't want to.

  • Here is specific information in the event that the problem is a hard drive failure.

  • Know what the resolution time-frame is supposed to be:

    • Most servers have either 4-HOUR ONSITE repair, or NEXT BUSINESS-DAY ON-SITE repair and will send out a technician to make the repair.

    • Most workstations, desktop and notebook computers have NEXT BUSINESS-DAY ON-SITE repair.

    • Some notebook computers may have a mail-in repair service, where you must send the computer in to them and they will send it back after it's been repaired.

    • Some printers and other devices may have a quick-ship replacement warranty, where they will ship a replacement device (sometimes new, other times refurbished) to you overnight and you will be required to send the faulty device back in the same box later.

    • Depending on the type of device, the people you speak with may have a different level of urgency. In the case of a server, when they say they'll be there in 4-hours they will. In the case of computers, they will usually be there the next day if you insist, but sometimes if it's not your main computer they might come the day after.

    • Make sure you know your warranty service level and what to expect. Be clear and firm about it if they tell you otherwise.

    • Here is some more detailed information

  • Make sure they provide a CASE NUMBER for future reference.

  • Call them back if you feel they are not responding quickly enough.

  • Call us if you need any help.

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